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Regarding Manitoba Kennels, Maggie Blackman

I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie in San Diego fifteen years ago. At the time I was and still am very enamored with Brussels Griffons. We immediately struck up an association which has continued to this day. Zoe, my black and tan smooth, came into my life almost seven years ago. She has been a dream come true. I have had toy dogs for many years, but I have to say that her health and her temperament are just superb! To date, I have had no health issues which goes to Maggie's good breeding.

Maggie has always been there for questions and collaboration. I am looking forward to getting another Griff from Maggie in the near future. Zoe is a lovely dog and a show stopper wherever we go. Her personality is extremely friendly and she is a very well mannered dog. We go out and about, and she rides in a pink buggy so she can enjoy going to restaurants. I would heartily recommend Maggie as a breeder of integrity. I am just astounded at my good fortune in meeting her and owning one of her wonderful dogs.
Louise Becker


I always admire dogs from kennel Manitoba's. I had dream to have dogs from this kennel very long long time.

And now I'm happy!!!!! Because now I have a wonderful cheerful boy "Monty" Manitoba's Made To Order. Monty has a wonderful personality! All adore him!! Both dogs and people. And now I speak a lot of thanks Maggie.

I wish success and victories in Show for dogs of Manitoba always! Thank you very much!!
Sergeeva Natalia

Maggie and Manitoba made a huge change to the quality of my Brussels Griffons.
When I purchased Rosebud then Gem many years ago, it was a beginning. The quality was improved and the color I was so needing was excellent.
I have , through the years, had the pleasure of having several of her Manitoba dogs. Most recent I have Bruno and Manley. Both wonderful stud dogs and delightful boys. Manley has been producing beautiful puppies with wonderful short backs and fabulous red coats. Most are thanks to Manitoba and Maggie THANKS, Maggie I have enjoyed knowing Maggie for several years. I have had the pleasure of visiting with her in Calgary. She has a great knowledge of the breed and constantly breeds for quality. She is an asset to the breed.
Pat Hill- Galaxie Brussels Griffons
Salem, Oregon
breeding and showing since 1986
I obtained my first Brussels Griffon male, Matisse, from Maggie after doing extensive research on the breed and Breeders.
Maggie was very supportive and knowledgeable on all aspects when came to giving advice on Showing and Handling. After a couple of years I was fortunate to obtain my little bitch Cheyanne from Maggie as well. We co-own both dogs and they have become the foundation of my breeding program.
Both have wonderful dispositions and possess good health and breed type. I look forward to many years of showing and co owning Griffon s from Manitoba Kennels.

Blanche Somers
Sutton West, Ontario


Maggie Blackman is a fantastic breeder. She has given us two little sweetheart Brussels Griffons named Rocky and Lucy. These two little dogs have changed our lives for the better. Our world revolves around
them now.
They are loving, kind, intelligent, and attentive. We don't remember what we did before we met Maggie and her puppies. Maggie is professional, loving, and caring. We are so lucky to have met Maggie and her puppies. Our lives are changed forever!

Thank you so much for everything, Maggie!

Sarah and Lisa Mody (Manitoba's Roaring Stones (Rocky), 4 years old & Manitoba's Luminescent Lucy (Lucy), 2 years old)

Maggie made adopting a pup an excellent experience for us. She is relaxed and open, always very willing to answer all of our questions, and our visits with her are a pleasure. When we came home with Haddie we knew we had something very special and Haddie has proven to be just that. She is a healthy, happy, beautiful and entertaining dog and we get many compliments on her. We have been so taken by Maggie's Grifs that one is not enough!! We can hardly wait to expand our family and none but Manitoba's will do.

Menno and Julia




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